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 other  318  35   New and misclassified planetary nebulae
 other  316  225   Photometric survey near the main Galactic meridian: 1. Photoelectric stellar magnitudes and colours in the UBVR system
 other  48  35   The All Sky Automated Survey. The catalogue of the periodic variables stars in the Selected Fields.
 other  48  455   Identification and photometry of globular clusters in M31 and M33 galaxies
 other  44  335   Classification of red stars with spectral absorption bands observed in the near-infrared range.
 other  40  5   Investigation of RATAN-600 RC radio sources
 other  30  1   Candidates for a southern extension of the Karachentsev catalogue of isolated pairs of galaxies
 other  16  18   Physical data of the fundamental stars
 other  12  20   The catalogue of nearby stars metallicities.
 other  10  140   A catalogue of 'Southern' radio sources with accurate positions
 other  369   CCD photometry of the M67 cluster in the Vilnius photometric system