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 PASP  113  10   A new complete sample of submilliJansky radio sources: an optical and near-infrared study.
 PASP  112  69   BVR Photometry of Northern Hemisphere Luminous Stars. IV. This research was performed at the Lowell Observatory 31 inch telescope, which, under an agreement with Northern Arizona University and the NURO consortium, is operated 60% of the time as the National Undergraduate Research Observatory.
 PASP  111  1233   Radial Velocities of Giant Stars in Globular Clusters
 PASP  111  438   The updated Zwicky catalog (UZC).
 PASP  110  779   Accurate Positions for MCG Galaxies
 PASP  109  9   Stromgrem uvby photometry of the magnetic chemically peculiar stars HR 1643, Theta Aur, 49 Cam, and HR 3724
 PASP  106  281   A photometric and radial-velocity analysis of the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 752.
 PASP  106  646   The HST quasar absorption-line key project. VIII. CCD imaging of Hubble Space Telescope quasar fields.
 PASP  106  828   BVRI photometry of the omega Centauri Hubble Space Telescope calibration field
 PASP  106  967   Secondary Photometric Standard Stars for the Thuan-Gunn and Johnson- Kron-Cousins Systems.
 PASP  105  1433   A Simple Description of Light Curves if W UMa Systems
 PASP  99  739   A CCD color-magnitude study of 47 Tucanae.
 PASP  97  932   3CR Source Identifications, Update 1990