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 MNRAS  327  249   II. New photometric data for the Fundamental Plane.
 MNRAS  327  265   Streaming motions of galaxy clusters within 12000km/s. III. A standardized catalogue of Fundamental Plane data.
 MNRAS  325  1002   Luminous early-type galaxies at redshifts z~0.4. I. Observations and redshift catalogue of 581 galaxies.
 MNRAS  324  33   Magellanic Cloud WC/WO Wolf-Rayet stars - II. Colliding winds in binaries
 MNRAS  324  580   FAUST observations of ultraviolet sources in the directions of NGC 4038-39 and 6752.
 MNRAS  318  333   The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample - IV. The extended sample.
 MNRAS  318  703   H-alpha photometry of Abell 2390
 MNRAS  313  347   A six-square-degree survey for Pleiades low-mass stars and brown dwarfs.
 MNRAS  310  982   UBVI CCD Photometry of M11 - II. New Photometry and surface density profiles
 MNRAS  306  279   UBV photometry of Galactic foreground and LMC member stars - III. LMC member stars - a new data base.
 MNRAS  306  361   UBVI CCD photometry of M 35 (NGC 2168).
 MNRAS  304  297   An automated search for nearby low-surface-brightness galaxies. I. The catalogue
 MNRAS  297  255   Statistical properties of HII regions in the disc of M100
 MNRAS  287  472   Unveiling a connection between large-scale structures behind the southern Milky Way
 MNRAS  286  500   Quantitative Spectral Classification of Galactic Disk K-M Stars from Spectrophotometric Measurements
 MNRAS  284  265   Cross-correlation characteristics of OB stars from IUE spectroscopy.
 MNRAS  278  1025   The APM Bright Galaxy Catalogue
 MNRAS  277  1477   A sample-oriented catalogue of BL Lacertae objects
 MNRAS  276  57   IRAS-selected Galactic star-forming regions. - II. Water maser detections in the extended sample
 MNRAS  274  1071   The Edinburgh-Durham Southern Galaxy Catalogue - VII. The Edinburgh-Milano cluster redshift survey
 MNRAS  274  1107   A comparative study of morphological classifications of APM galaxies
 MNRAS  274  1165   The ROSAT Wide Field Camera all-sky survey of extreme-ultraviolet sources - II. The 2RE Source Catalogue
 MNRAS  273  1097   Multicolour CCD surface photometry for E and S0 galaxies in 10 clusters
 MNRAS  269  301   The structure of the Universe traced by rich clusters of galaxies
 MNRAS  268  305   The variability of optically selected quasars
 MNRAS  264  273   On the giant, horizontal and asymptotic branches of galactic globular clusters - V. CCD photometry of NGC 1261.
 MNRAS  259  563   Double star CCD astrometry and photometry
 MNRAS  247  182   A homogeneous catalogue of quasar candidates found with slitless spectroscopy
 MNRAS  246  576   Photometry of distant clusters of galaxies: evolutionary features in the cluster 2158+0351 (z=0.45)
 MNRAS  240  785   Multicolour photometry of the cluster of galaxies Sersic 129-01
 MNRAS  236  207   An extended galaxy redshift survey - I. The catalogue
 MNRAS  224  453   The dynamics of rich clusters - I. Velocity data