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 ApJS  139  369   Chandra Deep Field South: the 1 Ms catalog.
 ApJS  134  103   Very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs of the young open cluster IC 2391.
 ApJS  134  35   Emission line properties of the large bright quasar survey.
 ApJS  133  1   The ASCA Medium Sensitivity Survey (the GIS catalog project): source catalog.
 ApJS  133  119   Calan-ESO proper-motion catalog.
 ApJS  133  413   Photometric and spectroscopic analysis of cool white dwarfs with trigonometric parallax measurements.
 ApJS  133  77   Radio continuum survey of an optically selected sample of nearby Seyfert galaxies.
 ApJS  131  47   Gas-rich dwarfs from the PSS-II. III. H I profiles and dynamical masses
 ApJS  131  561   Speckle observations of double stars with PISCO at Pic du midi: measurements in 1998.
 ApJS  131  95   The VSOP 5 GHz continuum survey: the prelaunch VLBA observations.
 ApJS  130  177   The Arecibo Dual-Beam Survey: Arecibo and VLA observations.
 ApJS  130  237   Loose groups of galaxies in the Las Campanas Redshift Survey.
 ApJS  129  435   The northern ROSAT all-sky (NORAS) galaxy cluster survey. I. X-ray properties of clusters detected as extended X-ray sources.
 ApJS  129  475   The CNOC2 field galaxy redshift survey. I. The survey and the catalog for the patch CNOC 0223+00.
 ApJS  126  105   A Near-Infrared Photometric Study of the Low-Latitude Globular Clusters Liller 1, Djorgovski 1, HP 1, and NGC 6528
 ApJS  126  133   The FIRST bright quasar survey. II. 60 nights and 1200 spectra later
 ApJS  126  271   Surface Photometry of Nearby Field Galaxies: The Data
 ApJS  126  331   Spectrophotometry of Nearby Field Galaxies: The Data
 ApJS  126  37   Radio Morphologies and Spectra of Compact Radio Sources with the Steepest Spectra
 ApJS  126  461   Equivalent Widths in the Spectrum of Sirius
 ApJS  126  63   Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert 1 and Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies fn1 1 Based on observations made at CASLEO. Complejo Astron￳mico El Leoncito (CASLEO) is operated under agreement between the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cient■ficas y t←cnicas de la Repblica Argentina and the National Universities of La Plata, C￳rdoba and San Ju£n.
 ApJS  125  409   Arcsecond Positions of UGC Galaxies
 ApJS  124  127   Near-infrared Imaging of Early-Type Galaxies. II. Global Photometric Parameters.
 ApJS  124  285   VLA Images at 5 GHz of 212 Southern Extragalactic Objects
 ApJS  123  233   A catalog of optically selected cores.
 ApJS  123  639   A search for stars of very low metal abundance. III. UBV photometry of metal-weak candidates.
 ApJS  123  79   The third EGRET catalog of high-energy gamma-ray sources.
 ApJS  122  355   Clustering Properties of Low-Redshift QSO Absorption Systems Toward the Galactic Poles
 ApJS  121  287   The CfA redshift survey: data for the South Galactic Cap.
 ApJS  120  113   Faint Emission Lines and Temperature Fluctuations in M8
 ApJS  119  277   A complete redshift survey to the Zwicky catalog limit in a 2^h^x15{deg} region around 3C 273.
 ApJS  116  211   The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. IV. MS 1358.4+6245 and MS 1008.1-1224
 ApJS  116  231   The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. V. MS 1224.7+2007 and MS 1512.4+3647.
 ApJS  116  247   The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. VI. MS 0015.9+1609 and MS 0451.5-0305
 ApJS  113  1   The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. III. MS 1621.5+2640 and MS 0302.7+1658
 ApJS  112  245   Search and redshift survey for IRAS galaxies behind the Milky Way and structure of the Local Void
 ApJS  112  487   Properties that cannot be explained by the progenitors of planetary nebulae
 ApJS  112  557   Classification and Identification of IRAS Sources With Low-Resolution Spectra
 ApJS  111  163   An Einstein X-ray survey of optically selected galaxies. I. Data
 ApJS  110  1   Redshift survey of galaxies around a selected sample of compact groups.
 ApJS  110  21   Molecular clouds in Cepheus and Cassiopeia.
 ApJS  107  201   The Stromlo-APM Redshift Survey IV: The Redshift Catalogue
 ApJS  107  97   Parameters of 2447 southern spiral galaxies for use in the Tully-Fisher relation
 ApJS  106  1   The peculiar motions of early-type galaxies in two distant regions. I. Cluster and galaxy selection.
 ApJS  105  209   Low surface brightness galaxies in the local universe. I. The catalog.
 ApJS  105  343   Survey of emission-line galaxies: Universidad Complutense de Madrid list 2.
 ApJS  105  475   Observations of double stars and new pairs. XVII.
 ApJS  104  287   Ultraviolet imaging telescope near-ultraviolet bright object catalog.
 ApJS  103  433   A catalog of candidate field horizontal-branch and A-type stars. II.
 ApJS  102  289   The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. II. Abell 2390.
 ApJS  102  29   Extragalactic globular clusters. IV. The data.
 ApJS  101  41   A revised and extended catalog of Magellanic system clusters, associations, and emission nebulae. I. Small Magellanic Cloud and Bridge.
 ApJS  99  135   The Relation Between Rotational Velocities and Spectral Peculiarities Among A-Type Stars
 ApJS  98  369   A multifrequency radio continuum and IRAS faint source survey of Markarian galaxies
 ApJS  98  477   A search for "dwarf" Seyfert nuclei. II. An optical spectral atlas of the nuclei of nearby galaxies
 ApJS  97  1   The Hubble Space Telescope Quasar Absorption Line Key Project. X. Galactic H I 21 centimeter emission toward 143 quasars and active galactic nuclei.
 ApJS  97  77   Automated Surface Photometry for the Coma Cluster Galaxies: The Catalog
 ApJS  96  123   Recalibration of the H_-0.5_-magnitudes of spiral galaxies
 ApJS  96  175   Kinematics of Metal-Poor Stars in the Galaxy
 ApJS  96  343   Redshifts of 165 Abell and southern rich clusters of galaxies.
 ApJS  95  401   Position angles and alignments of clusters of galaxies
 ApJS  94  687   Old stellar populations. V. Absorption feature indices for the complete Lick/IDS sample of stars
 ApJS  92  125   Post-asymptotic giant branch evolution of low- to intermediate-mass stars
 ApJS  92  53   The Einstein database of IPC X-ray observations of optically selected and radio-selected quasars. I.
 ApJS  91  659   Ultracompact HII regions II. New high-resolution radio images.
 ApJS  90  173   The Parkes-MIT-NRAO (PMN) map catalog of radio sources covering -88 deg < dec. < -37 {deg} at 4.85 GHz
 ApJS  89  57   A search for IRAS galaxies behind the southern Milky Way.
 ApJS  89  85   A catalog of blue and red supergiants in M33.
 ApJS  86  713   Mid- and far-infrared spectroscopy of ices: optical constants and integrated absorbances
 ApJS  85  249   Surface Photometry of the Hydra I Cluster of Galaxies. I. Photometric Data.
 ApJS  81  5   II. The Green Bank neutral hydrogen survey.
 ApJS  80  479   Nearby galaxy flows modeled by the light distribution: distances, model, and the local velocity anomaly.
 ApJS  80  501   A 20 centimeter VLA survey of Abell clusters of galaxies. II. Images and optical identifications
 ApJS  79  77   The Bell Laboratories H I Survey - High Velocity Cloud Catalog
 ApJS  73  359   A 1.49 GHz atlas of the IRAS bright galaxy sample.
 ApJS  73  781   EINSTEIN observations of galactic supernova remnants.
 ApJS  66  387   The case low-dispersion northern sky survey. VII. Late-type stars.