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 ApJ  549  172   The galaxy populations of X-ray-detected, poor groups.
 ApJ  549  441   Chandra observations of variable embedded X-ray sources in Orion. I. Resolving the Orion Trapezium.
 ApJ  549  578   The star formation history of Trumpler 14 and Trumpler 16.
 ApJ  543  178   Nearby optical galaxies: selection of the sample and identification of groups.
 ApJ  542  257   The MACHO project Large Magellanic Cloud variable-star inventory. IX. Frequency analysis of the first-overtone RR Lyrae stars and the indication for nonradial pulsations.
 ApJ  541  841   The maximum age of Trapezium systems.
 ApJ  540  236   Constraints on the stellar/substellar mass function in the inner Orion Nebula Cluster.
 ApJ  539  136   The properties of poor groups of galaxies. III. The galaxy luminosity function.
 ApJ  538  29   Caltech faint galaxy redshift survey. X. A redshift survey in the region of the Hubble Deep Field North.
 ApJ  534  114   The RASSCALS: an X-ray and optical study of 260 galaxy groups.
 ApJ  530  783   The r-Process-enriched Low-Metallicity Giant HD 115444
 ApJ  529  477   Unveiling the Circumstellar Envelope and Disk: A Subarcsecond Survey of Circumstellar Structures
 ApJ  529  93   A Subarcsecond Resolution Near-Infrared Study of Seyfert and Normal Galaxies. II. Morphology
 ApJ  528  123   A Rich Cluster of Galaxies near the Quasar B2 1335+28 at z=1.1: Color Distribution and Star Formation Properties
 ApJ  528  186   Excitation Mechanism of Near-Infrared [Fe II] Emission in Seyfert and Starburst Galaxies
 ApJ  528  260   The Resolved Narrow-Line Region in NGC 4151 fn1 1 Based on observations with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, obtained at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by AURA, Inc., under NASA contract NAS5-26555.
 ApJ  528  655   The Hubble Space Telescope Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale. XXI. The Cepheid Distance to NGC 1425 Based on observations with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, obtained at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by AURA, Inc., under NASA Contract NAS5-26555.
 ApJ  528  799   Multiple Scattering in Clumpy Media. II. Galactic Environments
 ApJ  528  817   C<sup>18</sup>O Obs of the Dense Cloud Cores and Star Formation in Ophiuchus
 ApJ  528  913   Physical Properties of Laminar Helium Deflagrations
 ApJ  528  96   Ultraviolet Spectrum of MS 1512-cB58: An Insight into Lyman-Break Galaxies
 ApJ  527  199   Hubble space telescope observations of the oldest star clusters in the large Magellanic cloud.
 ApJ  525  127   The RGB sample of intermediate BL Lacertae objects
 ApJ  524  536   A study of Ly{alpha} quasar absorbers in the nearby universe
 ApJ  519  1   Lyman-break galaxies at z >~ 4 and the evolution of the ultraviolet luminosity density at high redshift
 ApJ  519  533   ROSAT PSPC observations of the richest (R{>=}2) ACO clusters
 ApJ  518  859   Revision and calibration of MK luminosity classes for cool giants by HIPPARCOS parallaxes
 ApJ  516  693   The mass-to-light ratio of binary galaxies
 ApJ  514  148   A flux-limited sample of bright clusters of galaxies from the southern part of the ROSAT all-sky survey: the catalog and log n-log s
 ApJ  513  34   A new catalog of photometric redshifts in the Hubble Deep Field.
 ApJ  512  125   The polarization of broad absorption line QSOs
 ApJ  511  595   An X-Ray Survey of Galaxies in Pairs
 ApJ  507  585   Quantitative morphology of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field.
 ApJ  504  27   The L_{X}-T Relation and Temperature Function for Nearby Clusters Revisited
 ApJ  500  714   The color-magnitude relation in CL 1358+62 at z = 0.33: evidence for significant evolution in the S0 population.
 ApJ  499  112   Hubble space telescope imaging of the CFRS and LDSS redshift surveys. I. Morphological properties.
 ApJ  498  195   A spectroscopic survey of the galaxy cluster CL 1358+62 at z = 0.328.
 ApJ  488  224   All-Sky 4.85 GHz flux measurements of H II regions
 ApJ  479  231   Planetary nebulae as standard candles. XI. Application to spiral galaxies
 ApJ  476  311K   The coolest isolated M dwarf and other 2MASS discoveries.
 ApJ  475  445   Colors and K-band counts of extremely faint field galaxies.
 ApJ  475  469   A Composite HST Spectrum of Quasars
 ApJ  473  822   A Minnesota automated plate scanner catalog of galaxies behind the Virgo cluster and toward its antipode
 ApJ  472  509   The Lyman-alpha Forest at z about 4: Keck HIRES Observations of Q0000-26
 ApJ  471  694   Galaxy evolution in Abell 2390.
 ApJ  471  L5   Redshift clustering in the Hubble Deep Field.
 ApJ  470  724   An optical and X-ray study of Abell 576, a galaxy cluster with a cold core.
 ApJ  464  79   Canada-France Redshift Survey. XI. Morphology of high-redshift field galaxies from high-resolution ground-based imaging
 ApJ  462  614   A deep multicolor survey. II. Initial spectroscopy and comparison with expected quasar number counts.
 ApJ  459  606   The distances of planetary nebulae and the galactic bulge
 ApJ  459  686   Energy Deposition and Photoelectric Emission from the Interaction of 10 eV to 1 MeV Photons with Interstellar Dust Particles
 ApJ  455  60   The Canada-France Redshift Survey: II. Spectroscopic program : data for the 0000-00 and 1000+25 fields
 ApJ  455  75   The Canada-France redshift survey. III. "Single emission-line" objects, analysis of repeat observations, and spectroscopic identifications in the 1415+52 and 2215+00 fields
 ApJ  455  88   The Canada-France Redshift Survey. IV. Spectroscopic selection effects and 0300+00 field spectroscopic data.
 ApJ  454  151   The Initial Mass Function and Massive Star Evolution in the OB Associations of the Northern Milky Way
 ApJ  453  48   The contribution of late-type/irregulars to the faint galaxy counts from Hubble Space Telescope Medium Deep Survey images
 ApJ  453  616   Multiwavelength energy distributions and bolometric luminosities of the 12 micron galaxy sample
 ApJ  450  51   The soft X-ray properties of a large optical QSO sample: ROSAT observations of the Large Bright Quasar Survey
 ApJ  449  164   Variable Stars in Magellanic Cloud Clusters. II. NGC 1850
 ApJ  449  527   Large-scale structures in the zone of avoidance: the galactic anticenter region
 ApJ  448  179   The intermediate stellar mass population in R136 determined from Hubble Space Telescope planetary camera 2 images
 ApJ  445  62   Radio properties of optically selected quasars.
 ApJ  443  124   Radial Velocities of Stars in the Globular Cluster M4 and the Cluster Distance
 ApJ  440  28   Brightest cluster galaxies as standard candles
 ApJ  438  181   Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope and Optical Emission-Line Observations of H II Regions in M81
 ApJ  428  693   Determining structure in molecular clouds.
 ApJ  427  125   Orientation modeling of radio galaxy and quasar properties: evidence for a unified model.
 ApJ  424  599   The influence of bars on the chemical composition of spiral galaxies
 ApJ  416  36   The Dynamics of the Galaxy Cluster Abell 2634
 ApJ  413  453   On the redshift-apparent size diagram of double radio sources
 ApJ  412  183   The RR Lyrae variables in the globular cluster M68
 ApJ  409  28   The Hubble Space Telescope Snapshot Survey. IV A Summary of the Search for Gravitationally Lensed Quasars
 ApJ  405  498   Microjansky source counts and spectral indices at 8.44 GHz
 ApJ  405  94   Far-infrared emission from the intracluster medium.
 ApJ  384  404   The distribution of nearby rich clusters of galaxies
 ApJ  368  54   New velocity dispersions and photometry for E and S0 galaxies in the great attractor
 ApJ  347  251   The Nonthermal Stellar Dynamics of the Globular Cluster M15
 ApJ  317  102   1.4 GHz continuum sources in the Cancer cluster.