Astronomicheskij Zhurnal
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 AZh  78  408   Coordinated observations of Cyg X-1 (V1357) from 1994-1998 in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
 AZh  77  569   Southern isolated triple systems of galaxies.
 AZh  76  83   Investigation of galaxies in and near the cluster A1185.
 AZh  75  586   Studies of the Sun as a standard for analysis of stellar atmospheric abundances
 AZh  74  853   A self-consistent determination of the distances, physical parameters and chemical composition for a large sample of galactic planetary nebulae: the distances and parameters of central stars and the optical depth of envelopes.
 AZh  73  67   On the normal spectral energy distribution of stars: G, K, and M stars.
 AZh  73  862   The atmospheres of six red giants
 AZh  72  495   Moving Star Clusters in the Solar Neighborhood
 AZh  72  855   On the chemical composition of the G7 IIIa red giant eta Piscium.
 AZh  72  864   Elemental abundances in the atmosphere of the red giant gamma Sagittae.
 AZh  71  706   Photometrically Distinct Nuclei in Elliptical and Early-Type Disk Galaxies
 AZh  71  762   The observed integral radio luminosities of 232 pulsars.