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 AJ  124  601   WIYN Open Cluster Study. VIII. The geometry and stability of the NOAO CCD Mosaic Imager
 AJ  121  1192   Proper-motion measurements with the VLA. I. Wide-field imaging and pulse-gating techniques.
 AJ  121  1840   Galaxies in the fields of z~1.5 radio-loud quasars.
 AJ  121  1872   Long-term optical variability of radio-selected quasars from the FIRST survey.
 AJ  121  2032   DIRECT distances to nearby galaxies using detached eclipsing binaries and Cepheids. VII. Additional variables in the field M33A discovered with image subtraction.
 AJ  121  2148   The physical basis of luminosity classification in the late A-, F-, and early G-type stars. I. Precise spectral types for 372 stars.
 AJ  121  2159   The physical basis of luminosity classification in the late A-, F-, and early G-type stars. II. Basic parameters of program stars and the role of microturbulence.
 AJ  121  861   The DIRECT project: catalogs of stellar objects in nearby galaxies. I. The central part of M33.
 AJ  121  891   Ultraviolet and optical observations of OB associations and field stars in the southwest region of the Large Magellanic Cloud.
 AJ  121  974   A near-infrared imaging survey of the Chamaeleon I dark cloud.
 AJ  120  1   The Canada-France-Hawaii telescope optical PDCS survey (COP). I. The data.
 AJ  120  1364   Aluminum abundances, deep mixing, and the blue-tail second-parameter effect in the globular clusters M3 and M13
 AJ  120  1548   Photospheric spots and a chromospheric plage on V523 Cassiopeiae
 AJ  120  1841   Abundances and Kinematics of Field Halo and Disk Stars. I. Observational Data and Abundance Analysis
 AJ  120  2206   Photometric redshifts and selection of high-redshift galaxies in the NTT and Hubble Deep Fields.
 AJ  120  2269   Substructure in clusters containing Wide-Angle-Tailed radio galaxies. I. New redshifts.
 AJ  120  2331   B3 0003+387: AGN-marked large-scale structure at redshift 1.47 ?
 AJ  120  2338   The infall region of Abell 576: independent mass and light profiles.
 AJ  120  2496   Washington Stellar Photometry for the Spaghetti Survey
 AJ  120  2747   WFPC2 observations of the Hubble Deep Field South.
 AJ  120  284   Exploring the Leo II dwarf spheroidal galaxy. I. The variable star content.
 AJ  119  1   High-Redshift Quasars Found in Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data. II. The Spring Equatorial Stripe fn1 1 Based on observations obtained with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and with the Apache Point Observatory 3.5 m telescope, which is owned and operated by the Astrophysical Research Consortium.
 AJ  119  1214   Updating the census of star clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud
 AJ  119  1424   Synthetic spectra and color-temperature relations of M giants
 AJ  119  1448   Improved color-temperature relations and bolometric corrections for cool stars
 AJ  119  1562   Photometric properties of 48 clusters of galaxies. I. The Butcher-Oemler effect
 AJ  119  1824   CCD photometry of the globular cluster {omega} Centauri. I. Metallicity of RR Lyrae stars from caby photometry
 AJ  119  1901   ROTSE all-sky surveys for variable stars. I. Test fields
 AJ  119  2801   The first galactic plane survey at 8.35 and 14.35 GHz.
 AJ  119  2866   Kinematics of metal-poor stars in the Galaxy. II. Proper motions for a large non-kinematically selected sample.
 AJ  119  3026   Circumstellar disk candidates identified from ultraviolet excesses in the Orion nebula cluster flanking fields.
 AJ  119  3084   ICCD speckle observations of binary stars. XXIII. Measurements during 1982-1997 from six telescopes, with 14 new orbits.
 AJ  119  44   Kinematics and mass profile of AWM 7
 AJ  119  486   The Hubble Deep Field South: STIS imaging.
 AJ  118  1435   A study of quasar radio emission from the VLA FIRST survey
 AJ  118  2014   A catalog of nearby poor clusters of galaxies
 AJ  118  2561   An imaging and spectroscopic survey of galaxies within prominent nearby voids. I. The sample and luminosity distribution
 AJ  118  625   On the different radio source populations in the Butcher-Oemler clusters Abell 2125 and 2645.
 AJ  118  895   Kinematics, metallicities, and stellar distributions in the inner disk and bulge of the Milky way.
 AJ  117  1375   Adaptive optics imaging of the Orion Trapezium cluster.
 AJ  117  2039   The I-band Tully-Fisher relation for Sc galaxies: 21 centimeter H I line data.
 AJ  117  2308   Spectroscopy of hot stars in the galactic halo. II. The identification and classification of horizontal-branch and other A-type stars
 AJ  117  238   A revised and extended catalog of Magellanic system clusters, associations, and emission nebulae. II. The Large Magellanic Cloud.
 AJ  117  247   Ages for globular clusters in the outer galactic halo: the second-parameter clusters Palomar 3, Palomar 4, and Eridanus
 AJ  117  2980   Near-infrared photometric studies of R Canis Majoris
 AJ  117  548   Speckle observations of binary stars with the WIYN telescope. I. Measures during 1997.
 AJ  117  75   Tides, interactions, and fine-scale substructures in galaxy clusters.
 AJ  116  1   The Southern Sky Redshift Survey.
 AJ  116  1094   Galaxy alignments in the Pisces-Perseus supercluster revisited.
 AJ  116  1447   Near-infrared photometric studies of RZ Cassiopeiae.
 AJ  116  1529   Dynamics of cD clusters of galaxies. III. Redshift data for 11 Abell clusters.
 AJ  116  1573   Environments of Redshift Survey Compact Groups of galaxies.
 AJ  116  1626   Bulge-disk decomposition of 659 spiral and lenticular galaxy brightness profiles
 AJ  116  1789   WIYN Open Cluster Study 1: Deep Photometry of NGC 188
 AJ  116  180   Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope observations of the Magellanic clouds
 AJ  116  1816   Circumstellar disks in the Orion nebula cluster.
 AJ  116  2081   A catalog of color-based redshift estimates for z<~4 galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field.
 AJ  116  2108   A photometric and kinematic study of AWM 7.
 AJ  116  2415   Multicolor CCD photometry of the poorly studied globular cluster M80.
 AJ  116  2728   The universality of the fundamental plane of E and S0 galaxies: sample definition and I-band photometric data.
 AJ  116  2805   Spectroscopy of outlying H II regions in spiral galaxies: abundances and radial gradients.
 AJ  116  469   A search for distant galactic Cepheids toward l = 60{deg}.
 AJ  116  584   A study of nine high-redshift clusters of galaxies. III. Hubble space telescope morphology of clusters 0023+0423 and 1604+4304.
 AJ  116  917   Micrometer measures of double stars
 AJ  116  941   An ultraviolet spectral atlas of 10 Lacertae obtained with the Goddard high resolution spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope.
 AJ  115  1253   The deep X-ray radio blazar survey. I. Methods and first results.
 AJ  115  1894   DIRECT distances to nearby galaxies using detached eclipsing binaries and Cepheids. II. Variables in the field M31A.
 AJ  115  2397   Kinematics and metallicity of stars in the solar region.
 AJ  115  296   New variables in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey calibration fields.
 AJ  115  734   UBVRI and H{alpha} Photometry of the young open cluster NGC 6231
 AJ  114  122   Spectroscopy of edge-on spirals.
 AJ  114  2269   A deep multicolor survey. III. Additional spectroscopy and implications for the number counts of faint quasars.
 AJ  114  2353   Probes for nearby galaxies.
 AJ  114  326   The MACHO Project LMC Variable Star Inventory. V. Classification and Orbits of 611 Eclipsing Binary Stars
 AJ  114  341   Abundance analyses of type II Cepheids in globular clusters
 AJ  114  699   Spectrophotometry of 237 stars in 7 open clusters
 AJ  113  1011   UIT: Ultraviolet Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud
 AJ  113  1026   Fabry-Perot Observations of Globular Clusters. III. M15
 AJ  113  1691   Ultraviolet Photometry of Stars in the Compact Cluster R136 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
 AJ  113  1733   On the stellar population and star-forming history of the Orion Nebula Cluster
 AJ  113  2000   Radio observations of 4079 quasars
 AJ  113  2104   Galactic clusters with associated Cepheid variables. V. The case of SU Cygni
 AJ  113  22   The I Band Tully-Fisher Relation for Cluster Galaxies: Data Presentation
 AJ  113  634   The Kinematics, Orbit, and Survival of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
 AJ  113  905   21-cm line observations of galaxies in the zone of avoidance.
 AJ  113  950   Kinematic Profiles of S0 Galaxies
 AJ  112  1061   Luminosity functions for post-turnoff stars in globular clusters. II. NGC 7099
 AJ  112  1197   A high-resolution catalog of cometary emission lines
 AJ  112  1335   The Hubble Deep Field observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry.
 AJ  112  171   K Giants in Baade's Window. II. The Abundance Distribution
 AJ  112  1803   Large-Scale Structure at Low Galactic Latitude
 AJ  112  2004   Multicolor CCD photometry of the SMC cluster Kron 3
 AJ  112  2408   BVRI Light Curves for 29 Type Ia Supernovae
 AJ  112  2500   Near infrared JHK photometry of intermediate redshift clusters
 AJ  112  2786   The TIRGO lunar occultation program: summary of the 1985-1995 observations.
 AJ  112  359   A morphological catalog of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
 AJ  112  491   Late-Type Stars in M31. II. C-, S-, and M-Star Spectra
 AJ  112  62   A study of quasar absorption-line systems with IRAS
 AJ  112  742   RR Lyrae variable stars in the CCD/Transit Instrument Survey
 AJ  111  1193   Membership of stars in NGC 1039 (M34)
 AJ  111  1205   A Proper-Motion Membership Study of the Old Open Cluster NGC 188
 AJ  111  393   ICCD Speckle observations of binary stars. XII. Measurements during 1984-1986 from the Perkins 1.8 m telescope
 AJ  111  42   Distribution of blue galaxies in a merging cluster of galaxies Abell 168.
 AJ  111  439   A survey of Ca II H and K chromospheric emission in southern solar-type stars
 AJ  111  696   Seyfert galaxies with companions: orbital and kinematic clues to AGN triggering
 AJ  111  846   Hubble Space Telescope mapping of the Orion nebula. I. A survey of stars and compact objects
 AJ  111  936   ICCD Speckle observations of binary stars. XIII. Measurements during 1989-1994 from the Cerro Tololo 4 m telescope
 AJ  110  1032   The luminosity function of elliptical galaxies
 AJ  110  1083   Photoelectric photometry of Zwicky Galaxies
 AJ  110  1141   The optical gravitational lensing experiment: variable stars in the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy
 AJ  110  1186   SX Phoenecis stars in the extremely metal-poor globular cluster NGC 5053
 AJ  110  1229   An X-ray survey of the open cluster NGC 6475 (M7) with ROSAT.
 AJ  110  1420   Planetary-induced nutation of the Earth: direct terms
 AJ  110  1699   Fabry-Perot observations of globular clusters. II. 47 Tuc, NGC 6397, and M30
 AJ  110  1774   K Giants in Baade's window. I. Velocity and line-strength measurements
 AJ  110  1959   A 20cm VLA survey of Abell clusters of galaxies. V. Optical observations and surface photometry
 AJ  110  1993   The IRAS Bright Galaxy Survey - Part II: Extension to Southern Declinations (Dec<=-30deg), and Low Galactic Latitudes (5<|b|<=30deg)
 AJ  110  2131   The mass-to-light ratios of the Draco and Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxies. I. Radial velocities from multifiber spectroscopy.
 AJ  110  2288   The metallicities and kinematics of RR Lyrae variables. II. Galactic structure and formation from local stars
 AJ  110  268   Red and infrared polarimetry of highly reddened stars in the galactic plane.
 AJ  110  2715   Hot, luminous stars in selected regions of NGC 6822, M31 and M33
 AJ  110  2739   An atlas of H-alpha emitting regions in M33: a systematic search for SS433 star candidates.
 AJ  110  275   Spectral irradiance calibration in the infrared. IV. 1.2-35 um spectra of six standard stars
 AJ  110  2788   Implications of new JHK photometry and a deep infrared luminosity function for the galactic bulge.
 AJ  110  463   The Shapley supercluster. I. Spectroscopic observations in the central region
 AJ  110  880   A radio reference frame
 AJ  109  1055   The Globular Cluster System of M81
 AJ  109  1086   A Photometric Study of the Globular Cluster M54 and the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: Evidence for Three Distinct Populations
 AJ  109  1095   A determination of the thick disk chemical abundance distribution: implications for galaxy evolution.
 AJ  109  1154   Infrared Array Photometry of Metal Rich Globular Clusters. II. Liller 1 -- The Most Metal Rich Cluster?
 AJ  109  1379   Moderate-resolution spectral standards from 560 to 900 nm
 AJ  109  14   Optical spectroscopy of radio galaxies in Abell clusters. I. Redshifts and emission-line properties.
 AJ  109  1498   The Large Bright Quasar Survey. VI. Quasar catalog and survey parameters.
 AJ  109  218   Catalogue of Galactic globular-cluster surface-brightness profiles
 AJ  109  2318   Radio identifications of extragalactic IRAS sources
 AJ  109  2376   Imaging and spectroscopic observations of the Case Survey blue/emission-line galaxies.
 AJ  109  2828   Ca II H and K filter photometry on the uvby system. II. The catalog of observations.
 AJ  109  517   Integrated photoelectric magnitudes and color indices of bright galaxies in the Johnson UBV system.
 AJ  109  543   Total and Effective Colors of 501 Galaxies in the Cousins VRI Photometric System
 AJ  109  618   B,V Photometry of the RR Lyrae Stars in the Very Metal-Poor Globular Cluster NGC 5053
 AJ  109  853   A 20 cm VLA survey of Abell clusters of galaxies. IV. The radio sample and cluster properties
 AJ  109  874   Kinematics and Dynamics of the MKW/AWM Poor Clusters
 AJ  108  1016   The metallicities and kinematics of RR Lyrae variables. I. New observations of local stars
 AJ  108  1163   The radio structure of radio loud and radio quiet quasars in the Palomar bright quasar survey.
 AJ  108  1722   The structure of the galactic halo outside the solar circle as traced by the blue horizontal branch stars.
 AJ  108  2128   Corrections and additions to the Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies
 AJ  108  222   Period-luminosity-metallicity relations, pulsation modes, absolute magnitudes, and distances for population II variable stars
 AJ  108  405   The Montreal Blue Galaxy Survey. II. Second list of UV-bright candidates
 AJ  108  538   The space density and kinematics of blue metal-poor main sequence stars near the solar circle
 AJ  108  555   BVI CCD photometry of galactic globular clusters. II. M68
 AJ  108  932   Variable stars in and around the SMC cluster NGC 330
 AJ  107  1245   Spectroscopic CCD surveys for quasars at large redshift. III. The Palomar Transit Grism Survey catalog.
 AJ  107  1577   Reddening estimation for halo red giants using ubvy photometry
 AJ  107  1745   Globular cluster photometry with the Hubble Space Telescope. II. U, V, and I measurements of M15
 AJ  107  2240   A survey of proper motion stars. XII. An expanded sample
 AJ  106  1273   The kinematics of dense clusters of galaxies. I. The data.
 AJ  106  1508   Dynamics of the globular cluster NGC 362
 AJ  106  181   CCD photometry of the old open cluster M67
 AJ  106  2096   New limb-darkening coefficients for modeling binary star light curves
 AJ  106  493   Metal abundances for a large sample of globular clusters in M87
 AJ  106  773   The mass-luminosity relation for stars of mass 1.0 to 0.08 solar masses
 AJ  106  848   On the nature of Mg II absorption line systems in quasars
 AJ  105  1251   A survey of the Pisces-Perseus supercluster. V. The declination strip +33.5 deg to +39.5 deg and the main supercluster ridge
 AJ  105  1571   U. S. Naval Observatory photographic parallaxes. List IX
 AJ  105  393   A Small Drift Scan Survey for Galaxies in the Northern Sky
 AJ  105  427   IRAS observations of H-alpha selected emission-line galaxies.
 AJ  105  853   Energy distributions of radio galaxies
 AJ  105  938   Dynamics of the young binary LMC cluster NGC 1850
 AJ  105  980   Massive stars near Eta Carinae: the stellar content of Tr 14 and Tr 16.
 AJ  104  2078   Structure, rotation, and the peculiar velocity cD galaxy in Abell 2107
 AJ  103  1987   A search for stars of very low metal abundance. II.
 AJ  103  460   Deep CCD photometry and variable stars in the metal-rich globular cluster M 71
 AJ  103  638   US Naval Observatory CCD parallaxes of faint stars. I. Program description and first results.
 AJ  103  983   Stellar occultation candidates from the Guide Star Catalog. I. Saturn, 1991-1999
 AJ  100  1091   CCD Surface Photometry of galaxies with dynamical data II. UBR photometry of 39 elliptical galaxies
 AJ  98  1148   A VLA survey of the 3 clusters of galaxies 0016+16, Abell 665, and Abell 2218.
 AJ  98  1305   The stellar content of NGC 346: a plethora of O stars in the SMC
 AJ  98  1693   Subdwarf studies. I. UBVRI photometry of NLTT stars.
 AJ  97  1360   CCD photometry of the anomalous globular cluster Palomar 12
 AJ  96  1884   The red supergiants in M31: spectra, colors, and luminosities
 AJ  95  1629   The [O III] emission in two magnitude-limited field-galaxy surveys
 AJ  92  787   A complete VLA survey in the outer galaxy.
 AJ  90  1437   Complete samples of active extragalactic objects. III. A 1411 MHz VLA survey.
 AJ  88  1285   A deep survey of galaxies
 AJ  87  1165   Reddening Maps derived from HI and Galaxy Counts
 AJ  87  739   Complete samples of active extragalactic objects. I. A 1411-MHz VLA survey centered on alpha= 12h04min, delta= +11deg30min
 AJ  83  1549   A study of field galaxies. I. Redshifts and photometry of a complete sample of galaxies
 AJ  81  807   Tables of functions for a spherical galaxy obeying the r^1/4^ law in projection
 AJ  80  379   A study of the motion, membership, and distance of the Hyades cluster