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 A+AS  147  111   Iron Project. XLIV. Transition probabilities and line ratios for Fe VI with fluorescent excitation in planetary nebulae
 A+AS  147  187   HI observations of nearby galaxies. II. The second list of the Karachentsev catalog
 A+AS  147  251   Nice observatory measurements of double stars (3rd series).
 A+AS  147  253   Atomic data from the Iron Project XLV. Relativistic transition probabilities for carbon-like Ar XIII and Fe XXI using Breit-Paili R-matrix method
 A+AS  146  251   Absolute proper motions of open clusters. I. Observational data.
 A+AS  146  373   Properties of nearby clusters of galaxies. IV: A147, A260, A272, A278, A1661, A2056, A2073, A2093, A2096, A2124
 A+AS  146  437   Dust features in the 10-{mu}m infrared spectra of oxygen-rich evolved stars.
 A+AS  146  73   A catalog of observed nuclear magnitudes of Jupiter family comets.
 A+AS  145  11   AGAPEROS: Searching for variable stars in the LMC Bar with the Pixel Method. I. Detection, astrometry and cross-identification.
 A+AS  145  223   A proper motion study of the globular cluster M10.
 A+AS  145  405   Box- and peanut-shaped bulges. I. Statistics.
 A+AS  144  227   First results of a photometric and astrometric study of the globular cluster M 71 (NGC 6838).
 A+AS  144  469   A revised catalogue of Delta Sct stars
 A+AS  144  475   Galaxy coordinates. III. Accurate positions for 17124 galaxies including 3301 new companions of UGC galaxies
 A+AS  144  5   Photometric catalog of nearby globular clusters. I. A large homogeneous (V,I) color-magnitude diagram data-base.
 A+AS  143  211   Galactic Cepheids. Catalogue of light-curve parameters and distances
 A+AS  143  269   A survey of the 6.7 GHz methanol maser emission from IRAS sources. I. Data.
 A+AS  143  391   ROSAT HRI catalogue of X-ray sources in the LMC region
 A+AS  142  25   A new survey for high velocity HI detections in the Southern Hemisphere.
 A+AS  142  275   The Vienna-KPNO search for Doppler-imaging candidate stars I. A catalog of stellar-activity indicators for 1058 late-type Hipparcos stars
 A+AS  142  353   Surface photometry of radio loud elliptical galaxies from the B2 sample.
 A+AS  142  41   A ROSAT PSPC catalogue of X-ray sources in the SMC region
 A+AS  142  417   The Hamburg/SAO survey for emission-line galaxies. III. The third list of 81 galaxies.
 A+AS  142  451   Optical Polarization of 47 quasi-stellar objects : the data
 A+AS  142  467   A list of data for the broadening of metallic lines by neutral hydrogen collisions.
 A+AS  142  65   1.65 micrometer (H-band) surface photometry of galaxies. III. Observations of 558 galaxies with the TIRGO 1.5m telescope.
 A+AS  142  73   1.65 micrometer (H-band) surface photometry of galaxies. IV: Observations of 170 galaxies with the Calar Alto 2.2m telescope.
 A+AS  141  113   Extensive near-infrared (H-band) photometry in Coma
 A+AS  141  297   Total transition probability and spontaneous radiative dissociation of B, C, B' and D states of molecular hydrogen.
 A+AS  141  409   Optical photometry of the UCM Lists I and II. I. The data.
 A+AS  141  449   Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Coma cluster early-type galaxies. I. The Database.
 A+AS  141  491   Chemical composition of 90 F and G disk dwarfs
 A+AS  140  351   A survey of UV-excess AGNs in the South Galactic Pole
 A+AS  140  89   Galaxy coordinates. II: Accurate equatorial coordinates for 17335 galaxies
 A+AS  139  1   HI observations of blue compact galaxies from the first and second Byurakan surveys.
 A+AS  139  135   Line identifications and intensities for the optical spectrum of RR Telescopii between 3180 and 9455 {AA}
 A+AS  139  141   The galaxy cluster Abell 426 (Perseus). A catalogue of 660 galaxy positions, isophotal magnitudes and morphological types
 A+AS  139  433   A catalog of rotational and radial velocities for evolved stars.
 A+AS  139  483   Kinematics of early-type galaxies in compact groups. HCG 67, HCG 74, and HCG 79
 A+AS  139  491   Multi-colour photometry of nearby dwarf galaxies
 A+AS  139  525   A catalogue of velocities in the direction of the cluster of galaxies Abell 496
 A+AS  139  555   Catalogue and bibliography of UV Cet stars flare stars and related objects in the solar vicinity
 A+AS  139  575   An AGN sample with high X-ray-to-optical flux ratio from RASS. I. The optical identification.
 A+AS  139  97   HI properties of nearby galaxies from a volume-limited sample
 A+AS  138  247   CCD astrometric observations of Uranian satellites: 1995-1998
 A+AS  138  253   A search for candidate light echoes: photometry of supernova environments
 A+AS  137  101   Near-infrared observations of galaxies in Pisces-Perseus: I. H-band surface photometry of 174 spirals
 A+AS  137  273   Search for reference A0 dwarf stars: masses and luminosities revisited with Hipparcos parallaxes
 A+AS  137  299   The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies. II. The Second List of 128 Galaxies
 A+AS  137  43   OH and H2O masers in 74 star-forming regions. The FC89 database
 A+AS  137  451   Radial velocities. IX. Measurements of 2800 B2-F5 stars for Hipparcos
 A+AS  137  521   High resolution spectroscopy over lambda 8500-8750{AA}. I. Mapping the MKK classification system.
 A+AS  137  83   ESO Imaging Survey. VII. Distant cluster candidates over 12 square degrees.
 A+AS  136  1   Second San Juan photoelectric astrolabe catalogue
 A+AS  136  35   New catalogue of Wolf-Rayet galaxies and high-excitation extra-galactic HII regions
 A+AS  136  509   Stellar kinematical data for the central region of spiral galaxies. II.
 A+AS  136  519   Central Mg_2_ indices for early-type galaxies.
 A+AS  135  273   Gigahertz Peaked Spectrum sources from the Jodrell Bank-VLA Astrometric Survey I. Sources in the region 35{deg}<={delta}<=75{deg}
 A+AS  135  319   The ROSAT all-sky survey catalogue of the nearby stars
 A+AS  135  391   VI CCD photometry of metal-rich bulge globular clusters: NGC 6553
 A+AS  135  405   Grids of stellar models. VIII. From 0.4 to 1.0 M_Sun_ at Z=0.020 and Z=0.001, with the MHD equation of state
 A+AS  135  437   AGNs with composite spectra. II. Additional data.
 A+AS  135  499   CCD measurements of visual double stars made with the 50 cm refractor of the Nice Observatory.
 A+AS  135  503   Radial velocities of Hipparcos southern B8-F2 type stars
 A+AS  135  511   The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies. I. A First List of 70 Galaxies.
 A+AS  134  221   Radio-loud ROSAT sources near the North Ecliptic Pole.
 A+AS  134  287   The EXOSAT Medium energy Slew Survey Catalog
 A+AS  134  401   VLA observations of a 4C equatorial sample. II.
 A+AS  134  489   Be stars in and around young clusters in the Magellanic Clouds
 A+AS  134  523   Catalogs of temperatures and [Fe/H] averages for evolved G and K stars
 A+AS  134  525   The extremely young open cluster NGC 6611. I. Compiled catalogue, absorption map and the HR diagram
 A+AS  134  545   Speckle observations of double and multiple stars at Pic du Midi: measurements during 1995 and 1997 and new orbits
 A+AS  134  59   The central region of the Fornax cluster. I. A catalog and photometric properties of galaxies in selected CCD fields
 A+AS  134  75   The central region of the Fornax cluster. II. Spectroscopy and radial velocities of member and background galaxies
 A+AS  133  1   New variable chemically peculiar stars identified in the Hipparcos archive
 A+AS  133  29   A survey of molecular line emission towards ultracompact HII regions
 A+AS  133  299   Long-term spectroscopy of eta Carinae. I. The high and low excitation phases
 A+AS  133  317   Stellar kinematical data for the central region of spiral galaxies
 A+AS  133  325   Extended stellar kinematics of elliptical galaxies in the Fornax cluster
 A+AS  133  387   Determination of proper motions and membership of the open clusters NGC 1817 and NGC 1807
 A+AS  133  403   Ionization balance for optically thin plasmas: rate coefficients for all atoms and ions of the elements H to Ni.
 A+AS  132  155   The ROSAT all-sky survey catalogue of optically bright main-sequence stars and subgiant stars
 A+AS  132  181   A statistical study of the spectra of very luminous IRAS galaxies. II. Spectral and environmental analysis
 A+AS  132  211   A survey of SiO emission towards interstellar masers. I. SiO line characteristics.
 A+AS  132  237   Measurements of double stars 1993.67-1998.13
 A+AS  132  255   A catalogue of Mg_2_ indices of galaxies and globular clusters
 A+AS  132  31   Kinematical models for double radio sources and the unified scheme. II. The database
 A+AS  132  341   Identification of selected sources for the ROSAT Galactic Plane Survey. I.
 A+AS  131  1   Distances to five resolved galaxies in the CVn cloud
 A+AS  131  11   Flux density monitoring of radio sources with detected or supposed gamma-ray emission
 A+AS  131  119   Southern and equatorial irregular variables. II. Optical spectroscopy
 A+AS  131  197   F, G and K stars in the ROSAT all-sky survey. I. Photometry.
 A+AS  131  209   Broad-band JHK(L') photometry of a sample of giants with 0.5>[Fe/H]>-3
 A+AS  131  221   Kinematics of the southern galaxy cluster Abell 3733
 A+AS  131  303   A complete sample of GHz-Peaked-Spectrum radio sources and its radio properties
 A+AS  131  319   Catalogue of HII regions measured on 6m telescope plates at Observatoire de Marseille
 A+AS  131  395   Comprehensive tables for the interpretation and modeling of the light curves of eclipsing binaries
 A+AS  131  431   A catalogue of accurate wavelengths in the optical spectrum of the Sun
 A+AS  131  73   Catalogue of HI maps of galaxies. I.
 A+AS  131  77   Catalogue of HI maps of galaxies. II. Analysis of the data
 A+AS  130  157   On the use of the Hipparcos intermediate astrometric data
 A+AS  130  323   The ESO Slice Project (ESP) galaxy redshift survey: III. The Sample
 A+AS  130  341   Loose Groups of Galaxies in the Perseus-Pisces Survey
 A+AS  130  421   A radio continuum study of the Magellanic Clouds.
 A+AS  130  77   Astrometry of Satellites I to V of Uranus
 A+AS  129  357   On the morphology of peculiar ring galaxies.
 A+AS  129  399   The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey. V. The catalogue: contents and instructions for use
 A+AS  129  41   Fe I line shifts in the optical spectrum of the Sun
 A+AS  129  455   A catalogue of dwarf galaxy candidates around interacting galaxies
 A+AS  129  505   Determination of the temperatures of selected ISO flux calibration stars using the Infrared Flux Method
 A+AS  129  577   Monitoring of AO 0235+164 during a faint state
 A+AS  129  583   Surface photometry of early-type galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
 A+AS  129  87   ROSAT All-Sky Survey observations of IRAS galaxies. I. Soft X-ray and far-infrared properties.
 A+AS  128  179   Precision meteor orbits obtained by the Dutch Meteor Society - Photographic Meteor Survey (1981-1993)
 A+AS  128  19   The Optical Gravitational lensing Experiment. Variable stars in globular clusters - IV. Fields 104A-E in 47 Tuc
 A+AS  128  35   A new sample of OH/IR stars in the Galactic center
 A+AS  128  409   Wavelength calibration at moderately high resolution
 A+AS  128  457   Detailed images and distance measurements for eighteen irregular galaxies in the Canes Venatici cloud.
 A+AS  128  507   The Hamburg Quasar Survey. II. A first list of 121 quasars
 A+AS  127  1   The 1997 reference of diffuse night sky brightness
 A+AS  127  101   Penetrating the "zone of avoidance" V. An optical survey for hidden galaxies in the region 90<=l<=110, -10<=b<=+10
 A+AS  127  117   A catalogue of spatially resolved kinematics of galaxies: Bibliography
 A+AS  127  181   New detections of H2O maser sources on the 13.7m radio telescope of Purple Mountain Observatory
 A+AS  127  251   The ROSAT all-sky survey catalogue of optically bright late-type giants and supergiants
 A+AS  127  367   The "Virgo photometry catalogue"; a catalogue of 1180 galaxies in the direction of the Virgo Cluster's core
 A+AS  127  409   A list of new nearby dwarf galaxy candidates
 A+AS  127  445   Optical photometric monitoring of gamma-ray loud blazars. II. Observations from November 1995 to June 1996
 A+AS  126  15   Kinematical data on early-type galaxies. II.
 A+AS  126  21   Radial velocities, rotations, and duplicity of a sample of early F-type dwarfs
 A+AS  126  281   The solar disk spectrum between 660 and 1175 A. (First Order) obtained by SUMER on SOHO
 A+AS  126  297   Abundances in planetary nebulae near the galactic centre. I. Abundance determinations
 A+AS  126  3   CO and HI in a southern sample of interacting galaxies. I. The data
 A+AS  126  319   V, I and Gunn z photometry of faint bulge globular clusters: Terzan 10, ESO456-SC38 and UKS 1
 A+AS  126  39   Hydrodynamical models and synthetic spectra of circumstellar dust shells around AGB stars. I. Stationary solutions.
 A+AS  126  401   Cepheids as tracers of star formation in M 31. I. Observations and identifications.
 A+AS  126  479   Near infrared photometry of IRAS sources with colours like planetary nebulae. III.
 A+AS  126  519   Kinematical data on early-type galaxies. III.
 A+AS  125  1   NTT CCD photometry of the globular cluster M 79 = NGC 1904 in UBV
 A+AS  125  11   Starspot photometry with robotic telescopes. Continuous UBV and V(RI)c photometry of 23 stars in 1991-1996
 A+AS  125  149   CHIANTI - an atomic database for emission lines. I. Wavelengths greater than 50 Angstroms
 A+AS  125  229   A standard stellar library for evolutionary synthesis. I. Calibration of theoretical spectra.
 A+AS  125  247   Redshift of clusters and galaxies towards the Shapley Concentration
 A+AS  125  289   Radial velocities of planetary nebulae towards the Galactic bulge
 A+AS  125  293   New infrared H and K' surface photometry of three Tully-Fisher calibrators: N 2366, N 2403 and N4236
 A+AS  125  343   The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Variable stars in globular clusters. III. RR Lyrae stars and Pop. II Cepheids in omega Centauri.
 A+AS  125  399   A catalogue of the observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites made in 1991 during the PHEMU91 Campaign
 A+AS  125  407   UBV photometry and period variations of V839 Ophiuchi
 A+AS  125  439   Stellar models for a wide range of initial chemical compositions until helium burning. III. From X=0.55 to X=0.75, for Z=0.03
 A+AS  125  459   Properties of nearby clusters of galaxies. III: A 76, A 157, A 407, A 505, A 671, A 779, A 1700, A 2028, A 2040, A 2052, A 2063, A 2065, A 2593, A 2657, A 2670
 A+AS  125  475   Photometric study of the close binary system DD Monocerotis
 A+AS  125  65   uvby Photometry of the magnetic Chemically Peculiar Stars HD 37776, HR 2258, HR 6958, and 108 Aquarii
 A+AS  125  75   UBV photometry of Be stars at Hvar: 1972-1990
 A+AS  124  1   Studies of the Centaurus cluster. I. A catalogue of galaxies in the central region of the Centaurus cluster
 A+AS  124  143   Mean light curves of long-period variables and discrimination between carbon- and oxygen-rich stars.
 A+AS  124  255   Radial velocities. VIII. Ground based measurements for HIPPARCOS.
 A+AS  124  259   The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS). I. A 570 square degree Mini-Survey around the North Ecliptic Pole
 A+AS  124  283   Spectroscopic and photometric study of the bright X-ray cluster A1300
 A+AS  124  385   Studies of dense molecular cores in regions of massive star formation. V. Structure and kinematics of dense cores from ammonia observations
 A+AS  124  441   B[e] stars. IV. HD 45677 = MWC 142
 A+AS  124  55   Southern and equatorial irregular variables. I. Photoelectric photometry
 A+AS  124  61   A survey of the stellar rotation in barred galaxies
 A+AS  124  75   MSC - a catalogue of physical multiple stars
 A+AS  123  1   Four clour photometry of late-type binary systems. I. First uvby{beta} light curves of ZZ Ursae Majoris.
 A+AS  123  119   The supercluster-void network. I. The supercluster catalogue and large-scale distribution
 A+AS  123  135   Spectral classifications in the near infrared of stars with composite spectra. II. Study of a sample of 180 stars.
 A+AS  123  329   New "weak-line" T Tauri stars in Lupus
 A+AS  123  455   A photometric and spectroscopic study of the association LH 47 in the superbubble N44 in the LMC
 A+AS  123  529   Surveys of ultraviolet-excess quasar candidates in large fields. The area around NGC 450
 A+AS  122  1   CCD photometry of variable stars in the field of the globular cluster NGC 6397
 A+AS  122  249   Stroemgren uvby photometry of the magnetic chemically peculiar stars HD 32633, 25 Sex, HR 7224, and HD 200311
 A+AS  122  271   Millimetre continuum measurements of extragalactic radio sources. IV: Data from 1993-1994.
 A+AS  122  483   NTT V, I, z photometry of the metal-rich bulge globular cluster Terzan 6
 A+AS  122  489   New infrared carbon stars in the IRAS Point Source Catalog
 A+AS  122  521   Kinematical data on early-type galaxies. I.
 A+AS  121  407   Accurate positions and finding charts of known planetary nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
 A+AS  121  507   Near infrared surface photometry of late-type Virgo cluster galaxies
 A+AS  121  95   Abundances for globular cluster giants. I. Homogeneous metallicities for 24 clusters
 A+AS  120  275   Light curves and periods of Mira variables
 A+AS  120  283   A survey of water maser emission toward ultracompact HII regions
 A+AS  120  323   Observations of a complete sample of H{alpha} emission-line galaxies. Long-slit spectroscopy of galaxies in UCM lists 1 and 2
 A+AS  120  361   Atomic data from the IRON Project. XIX. Radiative transition probabilities for forbidden lines in Fe II
 A+AS  120  89   A 15 years monitoring program at 408 MHz
 A+AS  119  1   The peculiar B[e] star HD 45677. I. Photometric observations.
 A+AS  119  111   Fractional abundances of molecules in dense interstellar clouds: a compendium of recent model results
 A+AS  119  307   M15, an astrometric standard for CDD observations.
 A+AS  119  391   Photometry of seven clusters of galaxies at intermediate redshift (z=0.15-0.50)
 A+AS  119  547   Infrared aperture photometry at ESO (1983-1994) and its future use.
 A+AS  118  1   First catalogue of stars with photoelectric astrolabe in San Juan
 A+AS  118  105   Photographic observations of Pluto 1991-1994 with the Baldone Schmidt telescope.
 A+AS  118  111   Optical and I-band surface photometry of spiral galaxies. I. The data
 A+AS  118  239   The photoelectric astrolabe catalogue of Yunnan Observatory (YPAC)
 A+AS  118  277   The astrometric accuracy of ``Carte du Ciel'' plates and proper motions in the field of the open cluster NGC 1647
 A+AS  118  329   The MOST supernova remnant catalogue (MSC).
 A+AS  118  407   Critical tests of stellar evolution in open clusters. I. New photometry and radial velocities for NGC 3680
 A+AS  118  441   New aperture photometry for 217 galaxies in the Virgo and Fornax clusters.
 A+AS  118  47   Dust and CO emission in normal spirals. I. The data
 A+AS  118  495   B[e] stars. II. MWC 349 A
 A+AS  118  557   Near-infrared and optical broadband surface photometry of 86 face-on disk dominated galaxies. II. A two-dimensional method to determine bulge and disk parameters.
 A+AS  118  7   Photometric and morphological analysis of UCM galaxies. I. Observations and reductions. Morphological classifications
 A+AS  117  1   Penetrating the "zone of avoidance". II. Optically detected galaxies in the region 180 <= l <~ 240
 A+AS  117  227   Determination of effective temperatures for an extended sample of dwarfs and subdwarfs (F0-K5).
 A+AS  117  369   Penetrating the 'zone of avoidance': III. A survey for obscured galaxies in the region 120<l<130,-10<b<+10
 A+AS  117  39   Far infrared properties of Hickson compact groups of galaxies. I. High resolution IRAS maps and fluxes
 A+AS  117  417   Near-infrared surface photometry of spiral galaxies. I. The data.
 A+AS  117  557   Einstein A-coefficients for vib-rotational transitions in CO
 A+AS  116  1   Monitoring MWC560=V694 Mon in 1990-1995. I. Conventional and high-speed UBV photometry
 A+AS  116  15   Global H I profiles of spiral galaxies
 A+AS  116  157   SEST observations of extragalactic radio sources at 3 mm and 1.3 mm
 A+AS  116  203   Structure and kinematics of galaxy clusters I. The redshift catalogue
 A+AS  115  1   The current optical identification status of the S5 radio source catalogue
 A+AS  115  11   Optical identifications of radio sources from the 1 Jy, S4 and S5 catalogues
 A+AS  115  235   The Hamburg/ESO survey for bright QSOs. II. Follow-up spectroscopy of 160 quasars and Seyferts
 A+AS  115  295   Astrometry of outer Jovian satellites from The Uppsala-ESO Survey of Asteroids and Comets (UESAC)
 A+AS  115  297   The central field of Omega Centauri
 A+AS  115  325   A new study of the young open cluster NGC 7510
 A+AS  115  339   Grid of stellar models. VI. Horizontal branch and early asymptotic giant branch for low mass stars (Z=0.020, 0.001).
 A+AS  115  401   uvbyHbeta photometry of main sequence A type stars
 A+AS  115  81   A CS(2-1) survey of IRAS point sources with color characteristics of ultra-compact H II regions
 A+AS  115  97   Astrometry with the Digitized Sky Survey. Positions of 790 AGNs
 A+AS  114  1   CCD photometry of distant open clusters: II NGC 6791
 A+AS  114  109   A study of the Chamaeleon star forming region from the ROSAT all-sky survey. I. X-ray observations and optical identifications
 A+AS  114  175   Einstein A-coefficients for vibrational transitions in CS
 A+AS  114  487   Photographic observations of visual double stars
 A+AS  114  489   UBVRI-CCD photometry of Cepheus OB3 association
 A+AS  114  527   The UV properties of normal galaxies. III Standard Luminosity Profiles and Total Magnitudes
 A+AS  114  565   New measurement of radial velocities in clusters of galaxies. IV.
 A+AS  113  35   H {alpha} velocity fields and rotation curves of galaxies in clusters. III. Nine galaxies in DC 1842-63
 A+AS  113  441   Semiregular variables of types SRa and SRb. New JHKL'M-photometry for 44 stars
 A+AS  113  539   A survey of carbon stars in the Small Magellanic cloud
 A+AS  113  557   CCD astrometric observations of Uranian satellites
 A+AS  112  257   A CCD Survey of Galaxies. IV: Observations with the 2.1m Telescope at San Pedro Martir
 A+AS  112  347   The ESO Key-Programme "A Homogeneous Bright QSO Survey" - I The Methods and the "Deep" Fields
 A+AS  112  35   Predicted emission lines from giant HII regions ionized by aging star clusters
 A+AS  112  407   OGLE Catalogue of Variable Stars in the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
 A+AS  112  429   Neutral Hydrogen Observations of Galaxies in the Hercules Supercluster. III. CGCG Fields at the Edge of the Void
 A+AS  112  95   uvby-beta photometry of 1017 stars earlier than G0 in the Centaurus-Crux-Musca-Chamaeleon direction
 A+AS  111  169   Systematic search for UV-excess quasar candidates in 40 square degrees at the North Galactic Pole
 A+AS  111  17   High-resolution abundance analysis of two stars near the globular cluster NGC 6522 projected in Baade's window.
 A+AS  111  229   CCD measurements of visual binaries
 A+AS  111  265   A catalogue of velocities in the central regions of the Coma cluster
 A+AS  111  527   CCD photometry of 11 resolved dwarf irregular galaxies
 A+AS  110  1   The CCD photometry of the globular cluster Palomar 1.
 A+AS  110  177   Mesure de vitesses radiales. VII. Accompagnement au sol du programme d'observation du satellite HIPPARCOS. Radial velocities. VII. Ground based measurements for HIPPARCOS.
 A+AS  110  269   Penetrating the "zone of avoidance". I. A compilation of optically identified extragalactic objects within |b| <= 5
 A+AS  110  27   New proper motion determination of Luyten catalogue stars (LTT) south of declination -40deg and right ascension between 16h and 24h.
 A+AS  110  371   Southern binary galaxies. I. A sample of isolated pairs.
 A+AS  110  419   The 7C survey of radio sources at 151 MHz. A 418-square-degree region centred at RA = 17h, Dec = +65deg
 A+AS  110  533   A study of clusters and field stars in two regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. I. CCD photometry in B and V.
 A+AS  110  553   The determination of Teff of B, A and F main sequence stars from the continuum between 3200 A and 3600 A.
 A+AS  110  99   On the spectral characteristics and atmospheric models of two types of white-light flares
 A+AS  109  1   CCD photometry of the globular clusters NGC 6496, NGC 6624, and NGC 6637
 A+AS  109  125   Analytic fits for partial photoionization cross sections
 A+AS  109  147   The ROSAT AGN content of the 87GB 5GHz survey: bulk properties of previously optically identified sources
 A+AS  109  171   A catalog of blue horizontal branch stars in the outer galactic halo
 A+AS  109  181   Representation of planetary ephemerides by frequency analysis. Application to the five outer planets.
 A+AS  109  193   Atomic data from the IRON project. VIII. Electron excitation of the 3d^4^ ^5^D_J_ ground state fine-structure transitions in Ti-like ions V II, Cr III, Mn IV, Fe V, Co VI and Ni VII
 A+AS  109  29   Very low mass stars in the galactic cluster Praesepe
 A+AS  109  293   Heterochromatic extinction. I. Dependence of interstellar extinction on stellar temperature, surface gravity, and metallicity.
 A+AS  109  313   Heterochromatic extinction. I. Dependence of interstellar extinction on stellar temperature, surface gravity, and metallicity.
 A+AS  109  341   The UV properties of normal galaxies. II. The non-IUE data
 A+AS  109  375   Catalogue of blue stragglers in open clusters
 A+AS  109  447   EROS catalogue of eclipsing binary stars in the bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud
 A+AS  109  479   A new photographic C-M diagram for NGC 4833
 A+AS  109  487   A new photographic color-magnitude study of M 22 = NGC 6656
 A+AS  108  287   Atomic data for absorption lines from the ground level at wavelengths greater than 228 A
 A+AS  108  485   On an alternative statistical distance scale for planetary nebulae. Catalog with statistical distances to planetary nebulae.
 A+AS  108  653   The low galactic latitude metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6440
 A+AS  108  669   Low resolution IUE spectra of Wolf-Rayet stars.
 A+AS  108  9   Fundamental parameters of Cepheids: I. Photometric data in the Geneva system
 A+AS  107  285   A CCD survey of galaxies. III. Observations with the Loiano 1.5m telescope
 A+AS  107  365   Broad band JHK infrared photometry of an extended sample of late type dwarfs and subdwarfs
 A+AS  107  39   Photometric and Coravel observations of stars in the open cluster IC 2714
 A+AS  107  559   Position of Uranian satellites
 A+AS  107  9   Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the spotted T Tauri star V410 Tauri
 A+AS  106  1   Dumbbell galaxies and multiple nuclei in rich clusters: radio data
 A+AS  106  161   The metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6356
 A+AS  106  165   Near-IR imaging photometry of NGC 1333: I. the embedded PMS stellar population
 A+AS  106  199   Global mapping B-band photometry of a complete sample of Fornax and Virgo early-type galaxies
 A+AS  106  275   Theoretical isochrones from models with new radiative opacities
 A+AS  106  303   Multifrequency observations of ROSAT selected radio sources
 A+AS  106  327   Observations of the Sun during 1993 with the astrolabe of Santiago
 A+AS  106  333   uvby Photometry of the chemically peculiar stars alpha Andromedae, HD 184905, HR 8216, and HR 8434
 A+AS  106  339   Deep photometry in the core of the open cluster NGC 5606
 A+AS  106  361   Simultaneous multirange observations and detection of rapid variability of BL Lacertae objects
 A+AS  106  377   Measurements of double stars made at Nice observatory. New doubles stars (24th series) discovered at Nice with the 50cm refractor.
 A+AS  106  559   A catalogue of HeII 4686 line intensities in Galactic planetary nebulae
 A+AS  106  79   A new frequency analysis of photometric observations of the beta Cephei star IL Velorum
 A+AS  105  145   The RR Lyrae stars of Omega Centauri Revisited I. Catalogue of Fourier decomposition parameters
 A+AS  105  15   Proper motions of stars in the region of open cluster NGC 2286 and its membership study
 A+AS  105  29   Evolutionary sequences of stellar models with new radiative opacities. IV. Z = 0.004 and Z=0.008
 A+AS  105  305   High-dispersion microfiche atlas of OB stars for the first 10 years of IUE
 A+AS  105  39   Evolutionary sequences of stellar models with very high metallicity. V. Z = 0.10
 A+AS  105  403   Radio observations of the Coma cluster of galaxies and its intermediate vicinity. II. A master list of radio sources
 A+AS  105  429   Optical positions of the radio stars observed with the Repsold Meridian Circle at Cerro Calan, National Observatory
 A+AS  105  433   Kinematics of 14 early-type galaxies
 A+AS  105  47   The V505 Sagittarii system: new B,V photoelectric observations and light curve analysis
 A+AS  105  503-506   Binary star speckle measurements during 1989-1993 from the SAO 6m and 1m telescopes in Zelenchuk
 A+AS  104  1   Search for faint ring-shaped galaxies in the -77 deg to -87 deg declination interval
 A+AS  104  161   Proper motion study of the globular cluster M 3
 A+AS  104  169   A near infrared survey of northern planetary nebulae
 A+AS  104  271   A CCD survey of galaxies. II: observations with the 2.1 m telescope at San Pedro Martir
 A+AS  104  379   Integrated photometric properties of open clusters
 A+AS  104  429   A large, complete, volume-limited sample of G-type dwarfs. I. Completion of Stroemgren uvby photometry
 A+AS  104  557   uvby-beta photometry of Orion population stars and related objects associated with six galactic star-forming regions
 A+AS  104  9   uvby-beta photometry of all stars earlier than G0 and brighter than m_pg_ = 10.3 mag in Selected Area 194
 A+AS  103  1   ubvy photometry of the magnetic chemically peculiar stars 63 Andromedae, HD 192913, HR 8240, and 108 Aquarii
 A+AS  103  273   Atomic Data from the IRON Project. II. Effective collision strengths for infrared transitions in carbon-like ions
 A+AS  103  541   The Arcetri Catalogue of H2O Maser Sources Update
 A+AS  103  57   Spectral coefficients of emission and absorption due to ion-atom radiation collisions in solar atmosphere
 A+AS  103  83   Line identifications in a fireball spectrum
 A+AS  103  97   Grids of massive stars with high mass loss rates. V. From 12 to 120 Mo at Z=0.001, 0.004, 0.008, 0.020 and 0.040
 A+AS  102  251   An objective-prism survey of emission-line objects in M 31.
 A+AS  102  269   Highly-excited levels of Fe I obtained from laboratory and solar Fourier transform and grating spectra. II. Laboratory and solar identifications
 A+AS  102  339   Grids of stellar models. IV. From 0.8 to 120 M_{sun}_ at Z=0.040
 A+AS  102  343   UBVRI linear and circular polarization of RS CVn-type binaries
 A+AS  102  361   A Catalogue of Li abundances and equivalent widths in a sample of galactic C-stars
 A+AS  102  451   A new catalogue of H-alpha emission-line stars and small nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud
 A+AS  102  603   The chemical evolution of the galactic disk II. Observational data.
 A+AS  102  607   Stark widths of singly-ionized iron spectral lines
 A+AS  102  89   Stroemgren four-colour uvby photometry of G5-type HD stars brighter than mv=8.6
 A+AS  101  153   Classification and statistical properties of galactic H2O masers
 A+AS  101  195   Photoelectric Photometry of field variables. II
 A+AS  101  415   Grids of stellar models. III. From 0.8 to 120 Msolar at Z=0.004
 A+AS  101  475   Spectroscopic observations of the galaxy cluster A 3571 (SC 1344-325)
 A+AS  101  59   The Exciting Sources of Herbig-Haro objects. I. A Catalogue of 1-20um observations
 A+AS  100  243   Study of proper motions in the region of the open cluster M67 and membership of stars
 A+AS  100  47   General study of group membership. II. Determination of nearby groups.
 A+AS  100  473   IRAS pointed observations data processing
 A+AS  100  583   Infrared and optical photometry of galaxies in four clusters and of a sample of early-type galaxies.
 A+AS  100  647   Evolutionary Sequences of Stellar Models with New Radiative Opacities. II. Z = 0.02
 A+AS  99  591   UBV photometry of galactic foreground and LMC member stars. I. Galactic foreground stars
 A+AS  98  523   Grids of stellar models. II. From 0.8 to 120 Msolar at Z=0.008
 A+AS  97  435-442   Radio spectra of quasars. III.
 A+AS  97  951   uvby-beta photometry of high-velocity and metal-poor stars. VI. A second catalogue, and stellar populations of the Galaxy
 A+AS  96  269   New grids of stellar models from 0.8 to 120 Msolar at Z=0.020 and Z=0.001
 A+AS  95  355   Santiago Fundamental Catalogue. A catalogue of 1105 FK5 stars (equinox J2000.0)
 A+AS  94  327   Properties of nearby clusters of galaxies. I. A 195, A 465, A 1185, A 1213, A 1413, A 1775, A 2319 and A 2597
 A+AS  94  73   CCD observations in 7 open clusters: NGC 2421,2439,2489,2567,2627,2658,2910
 A+AS  93  383   UBVRIJHKL photometric catalogue of symbiotic stars
 A+AS  92  625   The interstellar medium of M 31. III. Narrow-band imagery in H-alpha and SII.
 A+AS  92  685-719   The spectrum of the VV Cep star KQ Puppis (Boss 1985). II. Atlas of the optical and ultraviolet spectrum
 A+AS  91  285   A spectrophotometric catalogue of HII galaxies.
 A+AS  85  915   Walraven photometry of nearby southern OB associations
 A+AS  84  59   CCD-photometry of the galactic globular cluster NGC 2808.
 A+AS  82  71   Deep photometry of globular clusters. XII. The metal-poor clusters NGC 5694 and Terzan 8
 A+AS  80  149   IRAS sources beyond the solar circle. I. CO observations
 A+AS  74  315   Survey at 327 MHz of the A 262 cluster region.
 A+AS  73  37   B and V photometry of faint stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
 A+AS  70  481   An atlas and catalogue of northern dwarf novae
 A+AS  70  95   Warm IRAS sources. I. A catalogue of AGN candidates from the point source catalog.
 A+AS  58  1   A deep Westerbork survey of areas with multicolor Mayall 4 m plates. I. The 1412 MHz catalogue, source counts and angular size statistics.
 A+AS  58  197   A radio continuum survey of the galactic plane at 11cm wavelength. I. The area 357.4<=l<=76, -1.5<=b<=1.5.
 A+AS  58  39   A deep Westerbork survey of areas with multicolor Mayall 4 m plates. II. Optical identifications.
 A+AS  49  715   New variable stars in the direction of the bright cloud B in Sagittarius
 A+AS  41  421   A radio continuum survey at 1.4 GHz of the galaxies in the Virgo region.