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 A+A  389  439   First optical identification of a supersoft X-ray source in M31.
 A+A  389  641   Colors of Minor Bodies in the Outer Solar System. A statistical analysis
 A+A  387  1   Serendipitous detection of galaxies behind the Milky Way from the DENIS survey.
 A+A  387  240   A photometric study of the recently discovered eclipsing binary V899 Herculis
 A+A  387  850   VI. Orbital and physical elements of 12 double stars.
 A+A  385  816   High-resolution rotation curves of low surface brightness galaxies
 A+A  383  724   Astrometric CCD observations of the inner Jovian satellites in 1999-2000
 A+A  382  118   Statistics of spectroscopic sub-systems in visual multiple stars
 A+A  380  441   A catalogue of galaxies behind the Southern Milky Way. II. The Crux and Great Attractor regions (l=289-338{deg})
 A+A  376  158   A light and period study of SV Camelopardalis
 A+A  376  333   Suggestions for an interstellar cyclopropene search.
 A+A  376  356   Collisional rates for vib-rotational transitions in diatomic molecules.
 A+A  376  745   CCD standards for U and I in the open cluster NGC 7790
 A+A  375  130   New low-mass pre-main sequence spectroscopic binaries in Orion
 A+A  375  205   The CORALIE survey for southern extrasolar planets. V. 3 new extrasolar planets
 A+A  375  275   Asteroidal I, J, K magnitudes recovered in the DENIS Survey: first release
 A+A  375  30   Red giants in open clusters: IX. NGC 2324, 2818, 3590 and 6259
 A+A  375  308-318   Extension of the ICRF for selected areas down to the 15th V magnitude
 A+A  375  863   Photometry and membership for low mass stars in the young open cluster NGC 2516
 A+A  375  909   RR Lyrae stars in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy: Period analysis
 A+A  375  989   The formation and evolution of binary systems. III. Low-mass binaries in the Praesepe cluster.
 A+A  375  L27   HD 80606b, a planet on an extremely elongated orbit
 A+A  374  1049   Study of FK Comae Berenices III. Photometry for the years 1993-2001
 A+A  374  1056   V1162 Ori: A multiperiodic delta Scuti star with variable period and amplitude.
 A+A  374  1085   On the Wilson-Bappu relationship in the Mg II K line
 A+A  374  132   CCD photometry and astrometry for visual double and multiple stars of the HIPPARCOS catalogue. III. CCD photometry and differential astrometry for 253 southern "intermediate" systems
 A+A  374  164   A Photometric study of BH Cas
 A+A  374  204   Eclipsing binaries with candidate CP stars. II. Parameters of the system V392 Carinae.
 A+A  374  227   New spectroscopic components in multiple systems. IV.
 A+A  374  265   LTE spectrum synthesis in magnetic stellar atmospheres. The interagreement of three independent polarised radiative transfer codes.
 A+A  374  394   Kinematic properties of gas and stars in 20 disc galaxies
 A+A  374  504   NGC 7654: An interesting cluster to study star formation history
 A+A  374  638   A photometric study of the massive binary RY Sct
 A+A  374  712   Photometric observations of distant active comets
 A+A  374  861   A new sample of giant radio galaxies from the WENSS survey
 A+A  374  907   The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies. V. The Fifth List of 161 Galaxies.
 A+A  374  968   Long Period Variable Stars: galactic populations and infrared luminosity calibrations.
 A+A  373  1032   An analysis of the observed radio emission from planetary nebulae.
 A+A  373  576   Variable stars in the Tycho photometric observations: I. Detection.
 A+A  373  625   A spectroscopic survey for lambda Bootis stars. II. The observational data.
 A+A  373  63   The second ROSAT PSPC survey of M31 and the complete ROSAT PSPC source list.
 A+A  373  757   The Lyman-Alpha Forest at 1.5 < z < 4
 A+A  373  950   KW Persei - a near-contact system?
 A+A  372  1078   Atomic data from the IRON Project. XLIX. Electron impact excitation of Fe XX.
 A+A  372  1083   Atomic data from the IRON Project. L: Electron impact excitation of Fe XIX.
 A+A  372  145   UBV(RI)c comparison sequences for symbiotic stars. II.
 A+A  372  276   Interstellar polarization at high galactic latitudes from distant stars. IV. A catalog of polarization data for the North Galactic Pole Area
 A+A  372  391   A wide-field spectroscopic survey of the cluster of galaxies C10024+1654. I. The catalogue.
 A+A  372  85   Evolution of the dust mass loss with luminosity along the giant branch of the globular cluster 47 Tuc.
 A+A  372  862   Membership, lithium, and metallicity in the young open clusters IC 2602 and IC 2391: enlarging the sample
 A+A  372  879   An optical and near infrared study of the old open cluster NGC 2141
 A+A  372  L41   A SCUBA survey of the NGC 2068/2071 protoclusters.
 A+A  371  579   Empirical relations for cluster RR Lyrae stars revisited
 A+A  371  79   A spectroscopic and photometric study of short-timescale variability in NGC 5548
 A+A  371  943   Lithium abundances for 185 main-sequence stars - Galactic evolution and stellar depletion of lithium
 A+A  370  409   A new sample of large angular size radio galaxies. I. The radio data.
 A+A  370  496   The radial pulsation of AI Aurigae
 A+A  370  503   Symbiotic stars on Asiago archive plates
 A+A  370  765   The Ursa Major cluster of galaxies. IV. HI synthesis observations.
 A+A  370  78   Observations of the bright radio sources in the North Celestial Pole region at the RATAN-600 radio telescope.
 A+A  370  931   On the stellar content of the open clusters Melotte 105, Hogg 15, Pismis 21 and Ruprecht 140
 A+A  370  974   The radial velocities of the RS CVn star UX Ari. A triple system with a binary on the same line of sight.
 A+A  369  178   The effective temperatures of carbon-rich stars
 A+A  369  249   Orbital motion in T Tauri binary systems
 A+A  369  380   Multi-frequency VLA observations of a new sample of CSS/GPS radio sources
 A+A  369  527   Observations of OB-stars at the former Leiden Southern Station
 A+A  369  552   Nice Observatory CCD measurements of visual double stars (3rd series)
 A+A  369  758   Optical observations of BL Lacertae from 1997 to 1999
 A+A  369  862   Variable stars in the globular cluster M 92.
 A+A  369  960   A Photometric study of the near-contact system RU Ursae Minoris
 A+A  368  1006   Properties of OH/IR stars with IRAS LRS spectra
 A+A  368  16   Surface photometry of spiral galaxies in NIR: structural parameters of disks and bulges
 A+A  368  835   A catalogue of soft X-ray sources in the Galactic Center region.
 A+A  368  845   The Arcetri Catalog of H_2_O maser sources: Update 2000
 A+A  367  1049   A catalogue of emission lines in spectra of Comet C/1995 O1(Hale-Bopp)
 A+A  367  297   Hipparcos photometry: The least variable stars.
 A+A  367  498   Accurate Positions of Candidate Planetary Nebulae in M33
 A+A  367  86   Chemical abundances in the inner 5 kpc of the Galactic disk
 A+A  367  865   Speckle observations of binary systems measured by Hipparcos
 A+A  367  910   Long-term monitoring of active stars. IX. Photometry collected in 1993.
 A+A  366  100   Long-term color variations of the peculiar X-ray binary V Sagittae.
 A+A  366  1003   High resolution spectroscopy over 8500-8750{AA} for GAIA. III. A library of synthetic spectra for 7750<T_eff_<50000K
 A+A  366  428   HI observations of nearby galaxies. III. More dwarf galaxies in the northern sky.
 A+A  366  481   The ATCA/VLA OH 1612 MHz survey. III. Observations of the Northern Galactic Plane.
 A+A  366  498   Star clusters in M33. IV. A new survey from deep HST images.
 A+A  366  508   S Doradus variables in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds
 A+A  366  771   The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies. IV. The Fourth List of 119 Galaxies
 A+A  366  868   Binary star speckle measurements at Calar Alto. I.
 A+A  365  110   EXPORT: Near-IR observations of Vega-type and pre-main sequence stars
 A+A  365  266   Oscillator strengths between fine structure levels of Fe XXIII.
 A+A  365  370   Optical photometry of the UCM Lists I and II. II. B band surface photometry and morphological discussion.
 A+A  365  545   Incidence and survival of remnant disks around main-sequence stars
 A+A  364  237   A spectral analysis of Deneb (A2 Iae).
 A+A  364  391   86GHz VLBI survey of compact radio sources
 A+A  364  455   Reddenings and metallicities in the LMC and SMC from Stroemgren CCD photometry.
 A+A  364  517   Spiral and irregular galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field North. Comparison with early types and implications for the global SFR density.
 A+A  364  665   Accurate masses of very low mass stars: III. 16 new or improved masses
 A+A  364  712   Optical observations of the Draco molecular cloud. I. Catalog of B and V magnitudes for selected areas.
 A+A  363  141   Radio-loud active galaxies in the northern ROSAT All-Sky Survey. IV. Properties of sources stronger than 100 mJy at 5 GHz.
 A+A  363  517   The effect of dust on photometric redshift measurement: a self-consistent technique.
 A+A  363  887   High frequency peakers. I. The bright sample.
 A+A  363  L1   The distance modulus of the Large Magellanic Cloud based on double-mode RR Lyrae stars.
 A+A  362  519   A statistical study of emission lines from high redshift radio galaxies
 A+A  362  799   The BeppoSAX 2-10keV survey.
 A+A  361  1011   Ca II activity and rotation in F-K evolved stars.
 A+A  361  1023   Evolutionary tracks and isochrones for {alpha}-enhanced stars.
 A+A  361  429   The baryon content of groups and clusters of galaxies
 A+A  361  863   1.65 micrometer (H-band) surface photometry of galaxies. V. Profile decomposition of 1157 galaxies.
 A+A  361  929   New Color-magnitude Diagram for the Open Cluster IC 4651. Deep Stroemgren uvby CCD photometry in a large field.
 A+A  360  499   Chemical composition of evolved stars in the open cluster M 67
 A+A  359  113   X-rays and regions of star formation: a combined ROSAT-HRI/near-to-mid IR study of the Rho Oph dark cloud
 A+A  358  77   The Hamburg/ESO survey for bright QSOs. III. A large flux-limited sample of QSOs.
 A+A  358  819   Tidal dwarf candidates in a sample of interacting galaxies
 A+A  357  225   Observational investigation of mass loss of M supergiants.
 A+A  357  839   2.5-11 micron spectroscopy and imaging of AGNs. Implication for unification schemes
 A+A  356  141   Two-colour photometry for 9473 components of close Hipparcos double and multiple stars
 A+A  356  238   Abundances of light elements in metal-poor stars. III. Data analysis and results
 A+A  356  445   Radio and X-ray bright AGN: the ROSAT - FIRST correlation
 A+A  356  529   Wide binaries among high-velocity and metal-poor stars
 A+A  355  398   Definition of the Celestial Ephemeris Origin and of UT1 in the International Celestial Reference Frame.
 A+A  354  169   Mixing along the red giant branch in metal-poor field stars
 A+A  352  39   Extragalactic Large-Scale Structures behind the Southern Milky Way. III. Redshifts obtained at the SAAO in the Great Attractor region
 A+A  352  555   Fundamental parameters of nearby stars from the comparison with evolutionary calculations: masses, radii and effective temperatures
 A+A  350  955   Abundances of light elements in metal-poor stars. II. Non-LTE abundance corrections
 A+A  345  505   B-type pulsators in the central region of NGC 869 (h Persei)
 A+A  343  86   On the local radio luminosity function of galaxies. I: the Virgo cluster
 A+A  343  93   On the local radio luminosity function of galaxies. II: Environmental dependences among late-type galaxies
 A+A  342  378   The "angular size - redshift" relation for compact radio structures in quasars and radio galaxies
 A+A  341  121   Visual binary orbits and masses post Hipparcos
 A+A  341  818   Structural Properties of s-Cepheid Velocity Curves. Constraining the location of the {omega}_4_=2{omega}_1_ resonance.
 A+A  340  371   Polarization properties of a sample of broad absorption line and gravitationally lensed quasars
 A+A  339  123   The evolution of helium white dwarfs. I. The companion of the millisecond pulsar PSR J1012+5307
 A+A  339  34   Bright galaxies from WENSS. I The minisurvey
 A+A  339  858   Towards a fundamental calibration of stellar parameters of A, F, G, K dwarfs and giants
 A+A  338  813   Updating the {sigma}-T relationship for galaxy clusters
 A+A  337  17   A redshift survey between the clusters of galaxies A 548 and A 3367.
 A+A  337  403   Evolutionary models for solar metallicity low-mass stars: mass-magnitude relationships and color-magnitude diagrams
 A+A  336  35   The supercluster-void network. IV. The shape and orientation of superclusters.
 A+A  335  183   The rotational velocity of low-mass stars in the Pleiades cluster
 A+A  335  85   Globular clusters in the blue compact galaxy ESO 338-IG04 (Tololo 1924-416), as tracers of the star formation history. Results from HST/WFPC2 observations.
 A+A  335  912   Seyfert galaxies and environment: Seyferts in galaxy pairs and groups
 A+A  333  L35   The possible effects of an unusual resonance in very long period Cepheids
 A+A  332  410   Evidence for very large-scale coherent orientations of quasar polarization vectors
 A+A  332  575   The fine structure of the Pleiades luminosity function and pre-main sequence evolution
 A+A  332  586   Studies of the flickering in cataclysmic variables. IV. Wavelet transforms of flickering light curves
 A+A  332  721   The chemical structure of bipolar planetary nebulae. II. 13 objects
 A+A  332  L53   The PL relation of galactic carbon LPVs. The distance modulus to LMC
 A+A  331  70   Infrared Array Photometry of Bulge Globular Clusters. I. Combined ground based JK and HST VI Photometry of NGC 6553
 A+A  331  81   The Hyades: distance, structure, dynamics, and age
 A+A  330  108   Broad band energy distribution of ROSAT detected quasars. II. Radio-quiet objects
 A+A  330  515   The absolute magnitudes of RR Lyrae from HIPPARCOS parallaxes and proper motions
 A+A  329  943   Revised ages for stars in the solar neighbourhood
 A+A  328  261   Spectroscopic analysis of the Alpha Centauri System
 A+A  327  1039   Structure and evolution of low-mass stars
 A+A  327  1114   Long-term photometric flares patrol (1967-1977) on EV Lac: a clear evidence of a longitude concentrated flaring activity in 1970
 A+A  327  736   On the mass distribution of planetary nebulae central stars
 A+A  327  952   Velocity structure of the dwarf galaxy population in the Centaurus cluster
 A+A  326  1044   Photometric versus empirical surface gravities of eclipsing binaries
 A+A  326  751   Chemical composition of halo and disk stars with overlapping metallicities
 A+A  324  505   Core velocity dispersions for 25 Galactic and 10 old Magellanic globular clusters
 A+A  321  29   Effects of star cluster evolution on emission line ratios and the application to H II galaxies. Including a calibration of the R_23_ vs. 12+log(O/H) relationship
 A+A  321  L33   The "human" statistics of terrestrial impact cratering rate
 A+A  320  185   The T Tauri star population in the Lupus star forming region
 A+A  320  652   The Bordeaux meridian observations of asteroids. First determination of the mass of (11) Parthenope
 A+A  320  757   The stellar population of the globular cluster M 3. II. CCD photometry of additional 10,000 stars
 A+A  319  18   X-ray sources <1 degree from Seyfert galaxies.
 A+A  319  33   Identification of X-ray sources <1{deg} from Seyfert galaxies.
 A+A  319  413   Broad-band energy distribution of ROSAT detected quasars. I. Radio-loud objects.
 A+A  319  593   New beryllium observations in low-metallicity stars
 A+A  319  757   Beamed radio and far infrared emission in quasars and radio galaxies
 A+A  318  256   Planetary nebulae morphologies, central star masses and nebular properties
 A+A  318  797   Cepheid radii and the CORS method revisited
 A+A  317  423   Revised photometry and color distribution of Type Ia supernovae observed at Asiago in the seventies.
 A+A  317  54   Globular clusters 1 and 3 in the Fornax dwarf galaxy
 A+A  317  689   Proper motion of the hot subdwarfs. The kinematic population membership of the SdB
 A+A  315  40   CCD photometry of the Tucana dwarf galaxy
 A+A  314  191   Abundances of light elements in metal-poor stars. I. Atmospheric parameters and a new Teff scale.
 A+A  312  1017   Corrections and new developments in rigid Earth nutation theory. I. Lunisolar influence including indirect planetary effects.
 A+A  312  439   New weak-line T Tauri stars in Taurus-Auriga
 A+A  312  74   Proper motion study of the globular cluster M92.
 A+A  312  745   The redshift-space neighbourhoods of 13 SSRS groups of galaxies
 A+A  311  523   The properties of W Ursae Majoris contact binaries: new results and old problems
 A+A  310  31   The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey (ENACS). II. The distribution of velocity dispersions of rich galaxy clusters.
 A+A  310  8   The ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey. I. Description of the dataset and definition of physical systems
 A+A  309  581   The structure of the IC 1396 region.
 A+A  309  655   He I lambda 10830A line as an indicator of solar chromospheric activity
 A+A  309  749   The fundamental plane of early-type galaxies: stellar populations and mass-to-light ratio
 A+A  309  81   X-ray properties of active galactic nuclei with optical FeII emission
 A+A  307  215   Spectrophotometric observations of planetary nebulae high above the Galactic plane
 A+A  307  869   A study on the nature of the peculiar supergiant HD 101584
 A+A  304  415   A pulsating star inside Eta Carinae I. Light variations 1992-1994
 A+A  304  563   Properties of Cool Flares with GOES class B5 to C2
 A+A  303  137   EROS variable stars: fundamental-mode and first-overtone Cepheids in the bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud.
 A+A  303  175   The 654-1046nm line spectrum of the planetary nebula NGC 7027
 A+A  303  661   Ultraviolet observations of galaxies in nearby clusters. III. Star-forming galaxies in the Coma Cluster
 A+A  303  893   On the status of planetary nebulae with WR-type nuclei
 A+A  300  323   The NOT gravitational lens survey for multiply imaged quasars
 A+A  300  751   Spectroscopic analyses of metal-poor stars. II. The evolutionary stage of subdwarfs.
 A+A  299  238   Radio continuum observations of planetary nebula candidates from the northern hemisphere
 A+A  299  557   Beta Pictoris: Evidence of light variations
 A+A  299  696   Membership probabilities in the Pleiades field
 A+A  299  89   COYOTES II: Spot properties and the origin of photometric period variations in T Tauri stars
 A+A  297  28   Stellar dynamics in E+E pairs of galaxies. I. NGC 741/742, 1587/88 and 2672/73. The data.
 A+A  297  391   ROSAT Survey observation of T Tauri stars in Taurus
 A+A  297  61   Detectability and incidence of E+A galaxies in the distant cluster Cl0939+472 (z=0.41)
 A+A  296  643   A search for low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Coma cluster core
 A+A  296  665   A survey for medium redshift (2.2<z<3.0) optically variable QSOs
 A+A  296  680   Two reddened globular clusters projected close to the Galactic center: Palomar 6 and Djorgovski 1
 A+A  295  206   Meteor stream activity. II. Meteor outbursts
 A+A  294  377   The ultraviolet absorption spectrum of the z=2.72 QSO HS 1700+6416. I. Results on heavy-element absorption systems.
 A+A  293  347   Chemical evolution of the Magellanic Clouds. VI. Chemical composition of nine F supergiants from different regions of the Large Magellanic Cloud
 A+A  291  261   The occurrence of H2O masers in HII regions
 A+A  290  69   The stellar population of the globular cluster M 3. I. Photographic photometry of 10 000 stars.
 A+A  289  740   The galactic abundance gradients traced by B-type stars
 A+A  288  713   Bursting and stationary star formation in disks and nuclei of galaxies.
 A+A  287  769   HST observations of the core of globular cluster NGC 6397
 A+A  287  927   Abundances of neutron-capture elements in metal-poor stars
 A+A  287  990   Meteor stream activity. 1. The annual streams.
 A+A  286  17   21cm observations of galaxies in the region of the Pisces-Perseus-Supercluster near the Galactic Plane
 A+A  285  404   Star formation and merging in compact groups of galaxies
 A+A  285  785   The galaxy population in the cluster Cl 1409+524 (3C 295)
 A+A  285  812   Spectral properties of X-ray loud extragalactic radio sources
 A+A  284  233   HII Regions and IRAS PSC sources: the reliability of the association
 A+A  282  436   Abundance gradients from disk planetary nebulae: O, Ne, S, and Ar
 A+A  282  899   Stellar effective temperatures and angular diameters determined by the infrared flux method (IRFM): revisions using improved Kurucz LTE stellar atmospheres
 A+A  281  355   The X-ray AGN content of the Molonglo 408 MHz survey: bulk properties of previously optically identified sources.
 A+A  281  375   Structures of small size radio galaxies in clusters; Morphology
 A+A  281  465   The chemical composition of the s-Cepheids. I. Alpha Ursae Minoris (Polaris) and HR 7308 (V473 Lyr): unique Cepheids of the Galaxy
 A+A  280  581   Chemical behaviour of planetary nebulae and galactic abundance gradients
 A+A  279  567   Abundances of non-type I planetary nebulae in the LMC
 A+A  278  36   Automated identification of OB associations in M 31
 A+A  278  379   X-ray Emission from a Complete Sample of Abell Clusters of Galaxies
 A+A  278  6   The relation between BL Lac objects and OVV quasars, and the unified model of BL Lac objects, FR-I and FR-II(G) radio galaxies
 A+A  276  389   The spectrum of FG Sge in 1992
 A+A  275  201   Stroemgren photometry of dwarf novae
 A+A  275  549   Environment dependence of interstellar extinction curves
 A+A  275  67   The Velocity Field of the outer Galaxy
 A+A  274  335   Elemental abundances in normal late-B and HgMn stars from co-added IUE spectra. I . Iron-peak elements
 A+A  274  895   Radio continuum observations of southern planetary nebulae candidates
 A+A  272  235   Star formation in L1251: distance and members
 A+A  250  370   A high galactic latitude survey of far-ultraviolet excess objects
 A+A  243  386   The distance and main sequence of the Hyades cluster based on 145 stars with highly accurate proper motions obtained from work on the catalogues FK5 and PPM
 A+A  241  551   The Cygnus X region. XVIII. A detailed investigation of radio continuum structure on large and small scales
 A+A  171  261   Southern HII Regions: an extensive study of radio recombination line emission
 A+A  35  393   A Second Deep Survey with the Westerbork telescope at 1415 and 610 MHz: an attempt to obtain deep identifications.