XQuantum- NASA Astronomical Data

About The XML Archive

Kepler's Supernova Remnant This demo application is a port of NASA's XML Astronomical Data Center to XQuantum, a native XML database server.  The original NASA XML Astronomy Data Center was hosted at adc.gsfc.nasa.gov. 

This implementation of the ADC, including its web interface, runs on XQuantum, an XML database server manufactured by Cognetic Systems, Inc.  The ADC contains descriptions of astronomical data stored as XML along with the actual data stored as downloadable ASCII.  The descriptions are queried using XQuery, a language developed by the W3C.  For more information about XQuantum see www.cogneticsystems.com.

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Journal Index - Showing only the journal data from a wide variety of publications (1018 datasets).
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Object Index - Some datasets organized by identified astronomy objects.

The data in the archive was captured using the "ADC Dataset" XML standard and is the result of a multi-year NASA project to translate both existing and incoming data into XML from an older "ReadMe" ASCII standard.  Both meta-data and data are encapsulated by the ADC Dataset format (which inherits its data encapsulation abilities from XDF).